How to Choose a Ladder That Will Suit All Your Needs

Best ladderThere are certain factors in choosing a ladder that will suit all your needs. Design of the ladder is considered important and primary in selection. Design is based on positioning, footing and capacity of holding weight. A standard ladder can support about 300 pounds. It is better to choose a multi purpose ladder with a height of 17 feet or more. We’ve taken this information from the site which will be very useful for anybody looking to buy the best ladder.

The main features to look for in choosing a ladder include

  • Ladder must be foldable for easy transport
  • General size of the ladder is about 17 feet
  • Ability to climb on both sides of the ladder
  • Aluminum material is preferred for a long life
  • Multi purpose use
  • Ladder must not require any assembly
  • Compliance with ANSI and OSHA standards

Advantages of a multi purpose ladder

Strength: The ladder will be strong enough to hold at least 300 pounds. This requires a heavy duty construction. Check for this type of construction while buying a ladder. Rigorous testing of ladder for strength is an added value.

Simple Usage: The ladder is simple to use. The user can easily fold and transport it to the required place. All the options with the ladder can be used with ease. A novice can use the ladder to full effect. The ladder must be simple to use and easy to handle.

Cost: The cost of the multi purpose ladder must be low. Check for the price of the ladder in the local hardware stores. Make a price comparison before buying a ladder. Price comparison of ladders can be done in minutes online. Check for prices of ladders at Amazon and e Bay. Select a ladder within your budget. The price of the multi purpose ladder is low compared to that of other ladders.

Versatile: The main advantage of the multi purpose ladder is versatility. The ladder is flexible and can be used as step, wall, extension ladder etc. with rapid changes. The ladder is compact and flexible.

Alternative: The ladder must replace the task of five other items in the house or industry where ever it is used. This ladder will eliminate the use of other items that are used for specific purposes. This serves the multi purpose feature or capacity of the ladder.

Disadvantages of a multi purpose ladder

Comfort: The users of the multi purpose ladder feel that the rungs of the ladder get jammed and are not comfortable for a long period. The rungs of the ladder need regular maintenance.

Weight: The weight of the ladder is a major concern. Most of the users feel that the ladder is heavy and it is hard to move the ladder around by a single person. The aluminum and the heavy duty nature of the ladder add more weight to the ladder. This is a major disadvantage.

Switching: The switching style of the ladders is a bit frustrating. Users feel it difficult to change the ladder mechanism after some time. The ladder is a big structure and storage can be a difficult task too.

Overall, it is always better to check for the reviews of the ladder before buying it. Opinion of the current users of the ladder is very useful. Expert advice is always good. These are some of the aspects to be considered while choosing a ladder suiting all your needs.

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