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Wheel Restoration

Full wheel restoration is available for Sabre and Gold or Silver Wire Spoke Wheels.

Wheel Restoration

Our restored Sabres are at home on 100 point cars. These wheels are absolutely georgeous.

Sabre and Gold or Silver Wire Spoke Wheel Restoration

The Sabre Wheels have the chrome separated from the wheel, all pits in the chrome are filled and hand sanded to a smooth surface. This labor intensive preparation is necessary or the chrome finish would have pits and imperfections. It is then triple chrome plated and riveted together, producing a wheel that is new and better than the original. The wheel itself is finished in a gray powder coat.

The Wire Wheels are also disassembled. The wheel itself is triple chrome plated and all spokes are replaced with polished stainless steel or gold plated spokes. Hubcap centers are also available.

1958 Sabre

1955 Wire Wheel Kelsey Hayes Original

1957-1958 Brougham


1959 Stainless Steel Hubcap Restoration
dents & dings removed & polished

24 Carat Gold Wire Spoke Wheel
w/knockoff Hub

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